Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Hunger Games, Homework, and Christiaan

First off, I just read The Hunger Games, and Catching Fire. Loved it. Onlything though is what's up the whole building building plot of book two and then !WABAM! you have to wait a year before the third book comes out. Le Sigh. The 75th hunger games takes about 6 chapters to complete. Oh the JOY.

On Homework. I hate it. Particularily Math. And Algebra. X can stay lost for all I care. So if anyone knows how to solve the system:
c + d = 1
c - d = -11
using linear equations by addition. Please. Get back to me.

On Christiaan. To all Members of the GDM, Christiaan is -currently- in Venezuela after a slight (NOT) delay in South Africa(no Idea how he got there), Turkey, Manchuria, Argentina, and a two week stay in Paraguay. So with his luck he'll be back by July. Le sigh. Please refer all paperwork to my secondary assitant Erine if you want anything done. My primary office is totally swamped right now, and No, I cannot approve any new GDL requests until he returns to file them. I will however accept membership applications, as these are relatively easy to complete.
-French Toast Unwelcome here-
~This is Italian territory~

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