Monday, December 1, 2008

Nadia Sorren

This is the picture I drew of Nadia, from Nadia's song. She has the wings of a Harris' Hawk, and is fourteen years old. Maybe I will upload some more of my pictures if you think its good. Try taking the quiz to let me know what you think. Here is the Prelude to the story:

One girl virtually alone in the world, will find a way to fly away
This is Nadia,
This is Nadia's Song

Seven years previous

It was cold. So cold.

I remember that day as if it were yesterday, Who knows, maybe it was. It was so cold though. I was only Seven, but I remember so well.

We were high on a mountain top in our little village, where my parents had come to be missionaries years ago. Somewhere in the Swiss Alps. But I was different, In so many ways. I wanted to go inside it was so cold that day.
The leather harness on my back started to chaff but I knew I couldn't take it off. It held in my wings. Yes, Wings. Beautiful wings, the covert feathers are bright reddish auburn, like my hair. The Primaries are mostly Black that fades to silver and blends into the auburn. Like a hawks, but they were wings, and they were so beautiful. I had only used they a few times, when I was with mother, picking berries in the valley below. She would let me stretch them out and even fly.
Ah, flying it was so glorious to feel the sun beating down and my wings outstretched. Flying, feeling the gentle rhythm of my wings, up and down, up and down. But then mother would call me back. I would furl my wings and she would bind them up again. But today it didn't matter, it was so cold, and something was coming, I could feel it in my bones.
The air all around me felt damp, and dark, I gazed around, and saw the tall pines, the dirt path, the ravine below me. I heard a car coming up the road, from far below. I heard my name being called, Nadia, I turned. It was mother, she made hand motions for me to come.
"Nadia my dear you must come inside, I have something to tell you!" Her face was flushed and her blonde tresses damp with sweat, like always when she is nervous. She led me inside our cottage and sat me down beside the fire. It felt so good, to be warm again. "Nadia my darling there is something I must tell you my dear." My dear, you'd think she could find another word to use!
"Nadia, in a little bit there are going to be some men here; they're coming for you, only you must not be here when they come, do you understand?" Even though I couldn't comprehend what she was saying I nodded.
She sat me down on the couch and took off my sweater leaving me in my under shirt. She began to undo the straps, on the harness, I could feel my wings being lifted from where they were tight against my back, poking through 2 holes I had cut in my shirt. She took the harness off of me completely.
"Mama, how do I get away from here?" I asked her, not getting what she wanted me to do.
"You must fly." I stared at her dumbfounded. I gaped at her bluntness. I didn't know what to say. She picked me up and sat me down beacause at that point I couldn't move. Mama walked into her bedroom.
Our house only had two, it was a small rectangle, half hanging over the meadows where the shepards took out their flocks. I loved to watch the little shepard boys, no older than me, dragging thier little lambs into the grazing pasture. But there were no shepards in the valley today, today was too cold.
I followed Mama into her bedroom, and watched as she dug through her closet, finally pulling out a sling, which she draped over my shoulder and between my wings.
"What?" I started but Mama hushed me. She walked into my room now and over to the cradle, and pulled out my baby sister Leena.
Then, much to my surprise set her gently into the sling around my neck. She adjusted the straps, until it was tight enough to hold her in.
"You want me to bring Leena too?" I asked, She nodded. "Mummy, I...Why do I have to leave?"
"Oh! Nadia I wish you didn't have too, but you do. There are some really bad people who are going to come for you, and I can't see it in my heart that you go with them, they can't have Leena either." I kinda knew what she meant, I was different, and I knew it. For goodness sakes I had wings! And Leena, she was, different too, except she didn't have wings...she was covered in fur. And her ears were different, and I'm pretty sure normal people don't have furry tails. Leena was a little kitty-cat.
All of a sudden we heard the cars pulling up the road. Mama looked at me and rushed me out the door, and over to the edge of the cliff. She pulled out a slip of paper and gave it to me, saying "Go here, she will help you." On it was an address scrawled in black ink.
"Ok, mum." She turned around to head back to the house, but stopped and looked me in the eye.
"Use the tips of your wings to steer, and don't start flapping until you have to, OK? Now hide."
"Ok mum." She walked back to the cottage now, and locked the door behind her. I ducked behind a bush near the edge of our cottage, 50 meters from our house.
The hum of an expensive car pulled up the gravel roadway. Five men got out of a black Jaguar. Five men in Black suits, and sunglasses. Never a good sign. One of the bigger men walked up to the cottage door, and knocked twice. My mother opened it.
"Where are they?" The man asked in a voice that sounded like it had been smoking for twenty years.
"I don't know what you're talking about." Said mother.
"We know that you've given birth to at least two mutants in the past decade." Said the man with the raspy voice. "Where are they?" My mother didn't answer. She turned her head. "Look," the raspy man said. "You may have gotten away with being a monster twenty years ago, but now, you're a real problem. If you don't give us the mutants now, then we'll take them by force!" My mother still would not answer, her lips were locked tight together.
The man pulled out a gun, and shot her. My mother collapsed in a bloody heap, and the man stepped over her body into out little cottage. Thank goodness my dad was in England, or they probably would have shot him too. The other suited men followed the first in, but they all came out in mere minutes. I don't think I cried, but I can't remember.
I twitched, and one of the men looked in my direction. When he headed my way, I did what I had to do.
I ran to the edge of the cliff and jumped. Just like mama had told me.
I flew down, ten feet, twenty feet, thirty feet, there weren't that many left. I stopped thinking, and started doing. I could hear shouts coming from behind me. I counted to two, and unfurled my wings. They practically popped out of my back, tearing at my shoulder blades and wrenching me upward. Then I started to fall again.
My wings glinted in the sunlight. Black and red against the clear blue sky. Black and Red. I flapped once, twice, all the while holding onto Leena as tight as I could. I curved my feathers upward, and flapped harder, over, and over. Until I pulled myself far above the Pine trees.
I heard a curse from one of the men. A gunshot. I was so dead, but it turns out God was on my side today, because he missed. I guess faith did have it's plusses.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Crimson Leaves
& barren trees,
show the signs of dormancy, 
as the daughters of the tree,
silently accept their fate.
As they lay upon the brown bed,
of solitude,
their dying sisters all around them,
feeling alone as well.
As life slips away from them,
they silently pray.
For their children, and grandchildren,
to not accept the same fate.
By Jayda Jane

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Book List

just in case you coolio dudes out there didn't get, I'm gonna be an author someday. Write now, I'm writing like a bagillion different things. Here's a detailed list:

Venom- A story about a mutant dragon girl who sees the world through the eyes of a monster, and believes she can never change who she is.
XXX- This story is gonna get renamed, but its about three faery girls and their quest to dispell the evil from the world(I know sounds cheesy).
Daughters of the Dawn- I like did a post on this one, but it is a series of like 7 books, each in the perspective of a different girl.
Nadia's Song- About a girl with wings, whos mother is shot, and is left to fend for herself, until her fathers return from England, along with her younger sister, who is part feline.
WtSBTtM- Commonly referred to as The Mist, that long acronym there stands for Where the Sun Breaks through the Mist. Some of my posts before have been on this one, but it's about 4 girls who each possess the power to control an element. This is a series made up of 3 Books; Where the Sun Breaks through the Mist, The Lost Island, & Return to Eden.
The Adventures of Sammy and Flicka- A childrens story I wrote one time that is so funny it should be published, maybe I'll put it on here sometime...
The Odessey of Sammy and Flicka- The sequel to the above mentioned book.

That's all, But check ou my cuzie Carrie's Blog She's going to write books too, hopefully...
Bye Bye.
PS Wasn't that joke hil-arious!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Batman Joke

This is the Batman Joke:

Batman and Robin are camping in the desert. After a struggle setting up the bat tent, they fall fast asleep.
Some hours later, Batman wakes up. He looks around and wakes up his faithful buddy and says:
"Robin, look up at the sky and tell me what you see."
Robin replies, "I see billions and billions of stars."
"And what does the tell you?" asks Batman.
Robin ponders on the question for a few minutes before answering:
"Meteorologically, it appears we will have a cloudless day tomorrow.
Astronomically, it means there are millions of galaxies and planets out there for us to one day discover.
Astrologically, it tells me Saturn is inside of Leo.
Chronologically, it appears to be approximately a quarter past four in the morning.
So....Batman. What does it tell you?"
Batman is silent for a moment, shakes his head and then speaks:
"Robin, you big idiot, it freakin' tells me that someone stole our tent."

Friday, September 12, 2008

Odes to stuff

I wrote these odes in LA today:

Ode to a Summer Breeze

Ah, the breeze, lightly against my cheek,
it speaks to me, gives me hope on a hot summers day.
Creeps along my skin, and rustles my hair.
The scent of flowers, from far away gardens and shops.
The grass below my toes, flicks this way and that crying to go with you.
Past my ears, I hear your shouts, your whistles, and your songs.
Food for my starving lungs, sweet fresh air,
like a glass of cold water in the desert,
is like you breeze in my lungs.

Ode to the Hike in the woods

Hikes in the woods, they clear my mind, with the fresh scent of pine.
Leaves go crunch, beneath my feet.
Branches slapping my head, I'll forgive you woods.
Birdies chirp, in the oaks, the maples, the mighty cedar.
I trip, get dirt in my mouth, oh well, tastes great.
A rustle to the left, to the right, don't eat me Mr. Bear.

Ode to the Ocean

The salty sea breeze, creeps around me, draws me nearer to your shores.
I step into your waves, the sea licks my legs,
Waves splash, the salt in my mouth, I spit it out.
See the little fishes, leave my toes alone.
The crash of the waves, the gentle whoosh,
endless miles and miles and miles of Sea.


Yay! Only a few more days

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Birthdays are Awesome, I know cause mine is in like 17 days. YAY! oh wait did I already say that? Well YAY! Anyways

Thursday, August 28, 2008

New book

Hey guys,
I have a new story Idea:

Its about seven girls with wings and each of them is named after a colour of the rainbow. Only their wings are to small to fly with. So they need someone to teach them. That's when Olympia finds them. Only she can fly. But then they learn they are all part of this bigger picture to stop an evil from enslaving the world.

Ta Da what do you think?

The names are Below:
Ruby, Topaz, Amber, Jade, Turquoise, Safire, and Amethyst

Poem about Eden

This might help you understand that prologue:

In The beginning there was Light and Dark

But then he made Air to fill the void

But Air you could not see

So he made Earth to be with the Air

But then there was too much Earth

So he made Water to fill it

But then there grew too much of the Earth and Air and Water

So he made the Fire to take it away

And all was good

Maximum Ride

I just read 'Maximum Ride' By James Patterson.
All I can say is AWESOME. They have a blog too it's -
Go to it.
Or ELSE!!!

Get the Book

Where the Sun Breaks through the Mist

Hey this is my first story, I have lots more though

-Emilia Argon

P.S. thats just my Pen name

Where the Sun Breaks Through the Mist

Will these Girls ever realize that their destinies are intertwined by some divine force, or will love and hate tear them apart? Can they rush to stop an impending war before the life of their people is torn from them? Discover fear, courage, wisdom, and the ever growing need to defend oneself in Lanon a mystical country that lies to the north in a world where imagination runs wild, and warriors rule the day, a place I call, Eden.


OneIn the beginning there was oneone spurned twotwo to threethree to fourand after fourmany more
She flew up and over away from this place to another. To a city, a large city. The castle was there and that is where she went, to the highest room of the tallest tower to see the baby princess. She flew through the window an once again the room was empty, she searched and found the babe lying on the bed. She held the tiny body in her hands, and chanted to it. "Ah, Princess how special you are, you will hold the world in your hands someday. So have with thee this gift I have perceived for thee. A pretty charm for round thy neck and then in need yell out the name of my most beloved star and a mighty sword shall protect thee. A swirl of wind loop round your neck. A queen you'll make, but not in this land, your mother has flown far away. Now beauty you shall have and a song you'll sing of the day when you discover," she hushed her voice to a soft whisper, "that what everyone else wants you have..." and now barely audibly, she held the quiet child to her ear and said, "the wings to fly away..."
two there were
two together
always two
till they split
and never again
was two ever

Away she flew from the city to another place, far by the mountains, for the angel was weaving fate together tonight. To a peak in the mountains she flew, a fire burned a blaze and a screaming she had heard but once 500 years ago. It was the firebird majestic and proud, she had served her term and now she had strewn her body upon the mountainside, and built herself a nest and then a spark alit and burned her body, until there was but the echo of her agony. The White bodied angel flew closer and peered through the smoke, she spoke words and the fire died. And in the center of the pyre she found a small woman and a child.
"You have served you duty well, Wildera. Go and make for yourself a life greater than that you know now."
"What about this?" she rasped, and showed the girl to her.
"Give me that and run along with you." She took the babe from the woman and held it in her arms, cradling her and grasping her shoulders.She flew down the mount, to a village nearby and placed the babe on the stoop of a small cottage, drooping a fire pendent round her neck. She turned and flew away, and where she had grasped the child's shoulder a wisping flame 'twas left.
three of them
only three
no more
just three
three can never remain
as just three
but Three

Two years later the angel flew. She flew over the roof tops of the city, searching for the sign. Her wings beat as she scanned the cityscape, of Dragons tongue, she heard it, the small wail of a baby. She flew to the source of it, the window of a fortress, and slipped through the small window. Three small cradles lined one of the walls, triplets, a rarity, she stepped over to the first, a small child with black as black hair, she picked up the child and laid her hand on the child's chest, a small imprint of a gray stone was left on her chest, she replaced the babe and moved to the cradle next to it. A boy, No, she wasn't looking for boys tonight, she stepped to the next, the cradle of the crying babe.
She gently lifted the babe and she shut up immediately. The angel took from the pocket of her robe a chain and hung on it was the symbol of water, she looped it on the child's neck, and touched the babes ankle, the same symbol appeared.
"I am done here", she spoke to the babies.
She stepped back over to the window to take off again, but the door opened, she hid herself and said the spell of invisibility, she stayed, waiting. A young woman entered the room, she had to be no more than twenty years old. She stepped over to the babies and picked up the first, she had to be the children's mother, the girl gasped and almost dropped the babe, "Jon, come here! Look at this," a young man the same as the woman, enter the room, the children's father, "Look!" the woman cried, "the Aka has been here tonight! They weren't like this when I left, it had to be very recent!" All the man did was nod, and gaze at the children, "I see..."

finally four
only four
it was four together
and only four
that spurned the birth
of the world
But Four

But a year after that the Angel flew again, this time south of where she lived at the temple, to the land of the elves. A large homely house nestled in a small valley was where she wanted to go. It was made of wood slats, like a tudor almost, it had a large garden and fields clustered around it. She flew to the doorway, composed herself waiting for what was behind the door. She adjusted her belt knife, raised her arms and flung the doors open, yelling ancient verses of prophecy. A group of small, well-muscled and extremely composed people looked up from where they were huddling.
"Ei!" they yelled out and bowed down before her.
"Where is the baby!" she screamed at them, "Where!" Nervously they pointed to a room beside them. She took one look at it and burst open it's doors, shouting more mad phrases. She saw a tall woman nestled on a wooden bed. Saw her and yelled, "Lairi Lotusmoon, I gave you three days to get rid of that child and you've still got it! What am I going to do now! You had better send that babe off right now too your cousin in the hills or I will kill someone!" She screamed furiously unsheathing the dagger in her belt.
"Okay!" yelled the she-elf pitiously take her, to my brother."
"I cannot take this child for you, you must send someone else."
"If that is the way it is then I shall give her to my most trusted messenger to take to him."
"Good, you cannot raise the child Lairi, you know that, prophecies don't lie." And with that she turned away and walked down the hallway, back to the door.

was lost
was gone
without it there was none
But One


Hey it's Emilia!
Check out my blog cause I am going to put my stories on here.
I wanna be an author some day so please tell me if I'm cut out for it or not.