Saturday, September 27, 2008

Book List

just in case you coolio dudes out there didn't get, I'm gonna be an author someday. Write now, I'm writing like a bagillion different things. Here's a detailed list:

Venom- A story about a mutant dragon girl who sees the world through the eyes of a monster, and believes she can never change who she is.
XXX- This story is gonna get renamed, but its about three faery girls and their quest to dispell the evil from the world(I know sounds cheesy).
Daughters of the Dawn- I like did a post on this one, but it is a series of like 7 books, each in the perspective of a different girl.
Nadia's Song- About a girl with wings, whos mother is shot, and is left to fend for herself, until her fathers return from England, along with her younger sister, who is part feline.
WtSBTtM- Commonly referred to as The Mist, that long acronym there stands for Where the Sun Breaks through the Mist. Some of my posts before have been on this one, but it's about 4 girls who each possess the power to control an element. This is a series made up of 3 Books; Where the Sun Breaks through the Mist, The Lost Island, & Return to Eden.
The Adventures of Sammy and Flicka- A childrens story I wrote one time that is so funny it should be published, maybe I'll put it on here sometime...
The Odessey of Sammy and Flicka- The sequel to the above mentioned book.

That's all, But check ou my cuzie Carrie's Blog She's going to write books too, hopefully...
Bye Bye.
PS Wasn't that joke hil-arious!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Batman Joke

This is the Batman Joke:

Batman and Robin are camping in the desert. After a struggle setting up the bat tent, they fall fast asleep.
Some hours later, Batman wakes up. He looks around and wakes up his faithful buddy and says:
"Robin, look up at the sky and tell me what you see."
Robin replies, "I see billions and billions of stars."
"And what does the tell you?" asks Batman.
Robin ponders on the question for a few minutes before answering:
"Meteorologically, it appears we will have a cloudless day tomorrow.
Astronomically, it means there are millions of galaxies and planets out there for us to one day discover.
Astrologically, it tells me Saturn is inside of Leo.
Chronologically, it appears to be approximately a quarter past four in the morning.
So....Batman. What does it tell you?"
Batman is silent for a moment, shakes his head and then speaks:
"Robin, you big idiot, it freakin' tells me that someone stole our tent."

Friday, September 12, 2008

Odes to stuff

I wrote these odes in LA today:

Ode to a Summer Breeze

Ah, the breeze, lightly against my cheek,
it speaks to me, gives me hope on a hot summers day.
Creeps along my skin, and rustles my hair.
The scent of flowers, from far away gardens and shops.
The grass below my toes, flicks this way and that crying to go with you.
Past my ears, I hear your shouts, your whistles, and your songs.
Food for my starving lungs, sweet fresh air,
like a glass of cold water in the desert,
is like you breeze in my lungs.

Ode to the Hike in the woods

Hikes in the woods, they clear my mind, with the fresh scent of pine.
Leaves go crunch, beneath my feet.
Branches slapping my head, I'll forgive you woods.
Birdies chirp, in the oaks, the maples, the mighty cedar.
I trip, get dirt in my mouth, oh well, tastes great.
A rustle to the left, to the right, don't eat me Mr. Bear.

Ode to the Ocean

The salty sea breeze, creeps around me, draws me nearer to your shores.
I step into your waves, the sea licks my legs,
Waves splash, the salt in my mouth, I spit it out.
See the little fishes, leave my toes alone.
The crash of the waves, the gentle whoosh,
endless miles and miles and miles of Sea.


Yay! Only a few more days

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Birthdays are Awesome, I know cause mine is in like 17 days. YAY! oh wait did I already say that? Well YAY! Anyways