Thursday, August 6, 2009

Italian Anyone

I find the italian lnaguage very intriguing, mostly because its like spanish except it sounds twelve times cooler. Casa dei Giochi anybody? Inzuppato nel crepuscolo vaniglia? Il mio posto preferito in tutti i di Venezia รจ il Plazzo Orpello. Ah italiano, the language of awesomeness. And i'm not just saying that because I have to learn 85% of the language just so I can join the Giovane Donna Mafia, and play Mafia Soccer on the Weekends, eh?

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Anonymous said...

Problem, I'm in GDM and I don't know any Italian other than Pasta names and Ferrari.. Oh, and you need a new background thing. This one is dumb and boring. Plus I hate the font.. let me suggest the following place:

and ask me if you want help putting it on.