Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Golden Fields, Dark Forests, Rising Buttes

Before long, as you take the last step over the next rise, you are met with a prodigious sight. Before your eyes stretches miles and miles of wondrous beauty. Ahead of you stretches a golden field of taut grasses. Simultaneously you notice that dotted along this shimmering field are several small, dark emerald leafed shrubs. Their small leaves grow upward, welcoming the dimming sunlight. Meanwhile, far in the distance you spot the shrubs merging into large trees of congruous complexion. To your left, you gaze upon three small clearings etched deep into the sage-colored forest. The arched tips of the trees stretch on for what seems like forever and a day to the west and east.
Beyond that, in the center of your vision, steep Buttes and red-rock hills rise, to tower over the vista. The first of these towers is two-fold, the sunset light radiating off the eastern side, illuminating the sublime fissures carved into them centuries ago. The tower is shaped into two steep bluffs, the second melting into smaller hills and crags. Likewise, yonder behind that first precipice, mountains of a rather ruddy nature kiss the dusky sky.
If you gaze up into the clear blue, that only comes far in the wild, where no cities can pollute its glory, you see a rainbow of colors reaching down to shake your hand. Subsequently, the firmament that strokes the sanguine copper hills, occurs to be a lovely tinge of luminescent rose. Reaching to the empyrean sphere of the heavens, the complexion of the sky turns a apricot color. At this point, the sun paints the rainbow amber that fades into moss, before reaching its neck into the wild blue yonder. At all this you sigh a deep sigh, and breath relief at seeing such splendor.

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C_Mac said...

hey, em. did u write this? it's really good.