Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Writer Hate

I can't believe it, but taking Twilight as an example, I am actually scared to become an author. Everyone is going to beat up everything I say and smash it into a pulp, saying it is stupid. I think maybe now I am gaving second thoughts. What if everyone hates me, what if I never get published or anything. I've dreamed of sucess, but have never thought of failure before. I guess I should just follow God and my Gut then, that always works. If I am descriptive people will beat me up, if I keep it clean people will beat me up, or if it is bad, and even if evreryone loves it and it gets made into a movie people will beat me up. Oh well, I guess I could live with it and just keep from writing badly.


C_Mac said...

I know it scares me too. But I believe that I can become strong enough to make it. I have too. God wants me to be a author, so I can't back out because of fear of what people say about me.
Good luck Emmy. We both need it. ;)

Emilia said...

I know somethimes I just wish there was a lace that only published Christian fantasy